We now carry a line of dental health care products.  Despite the improvement in dental health, dental decay is still a widespread cause of concern.  Although everyone should use fluoride every day (in toothpaste), some adults are at higher risk for and might need more intensive supplementation. To find out if you might be one of them, ask yourself these questions:

  1. Do you have dry mouth?
  2. Do you have gum recession?
  3. Have you needed a filling in the past year?
  4. Do you have any teeth with crowns or bridges?
  5. Do I wear dental braces?
  6. Am I receiving, or have I received, radiation therapy to the head and neck?

Ultimately, talk to our dental professionals to determine your risk for dental decay. Our Dentists and dental hygienists will prescribe fluoride products in combination with good oral hygiene habits, control of snacking and dietary carbohydrates and use of antimicrobial products to reduce the chance of new decay.


  • DAY WHITE 14%
  • NITE WHITE 10 %
  • NITE WHITE 16%
  • NITE WHITE 22%
  • KOR 16 %

These syringes are used to whiten and brighten teeth at home using custom fit trays